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About Us

AMILLI LOGISTICS LLC has cemented its position as a reliable short-haul and long-haul transportations service provider. Our national, regional and local flatbed fleets carry an excellent safety record and we offer unparalleled dedication to both clients and our drivers. AMILLI LOGISTICS LLC is driven by honesty and integrity and we try to offer our best services with each shipment, making sure that each freight reaches its destination intact and on time.


Professional Services

Meeting Your Needs

If your trucking needs are quite regular, you can avail our dedicated trucking service. A dedicated driver and a truck will be assigned to your business or company and transport weight for you as you need. By availing our dedicated trucking service, you can free yourself from the hassle of calculating shipping costs each time you need to transport something and instead focus on managing and growing your business. Our dedicated trucking service is both consistent and flexible and you can get your loads transported without having to buy a truck or hire a driver.

Some of the benefits of cross-docking include:

  • Reduction in Storage Costs

  • Reduction in overall labor costs by reduction in inventory handling costs

  • Faster delivery 

  • Enhanced efficiency in your supply chain. 


Flatbed Trucks

AMILLI LOGISTIC LLC is a major transportation service provider with over 100 trucks in our fleet. Our 53’ and 48’ flatbed trailers can easily handle loads up to 50,000 lbs. Our open deck design is very adaptive and can carry a wide range of cargo. AMILLI LOGISTICS LLC is unrivaled when it comes to providing the most efficient and timely cargo delivery. Our charges are very competitive and our services are utterly professional.

Oversize / Wide Loads

Are you looking for shipping options for machinery, equipment or any other piece of cargo that is larger than the normal shipment size? If that’s the case, AMILLI LOGISTICS LLC has got you covered. We have extensive experience in transporting cargoes that are too large for standard shipping. Our expert drivers have huge experience tackling heavy loads so you can be certain that your load will be transported carefully and you won’t be facing any issues.

Cross Docking

AMILLI LOGISTICS LLC offers LTL operation which enables us to offer cross-docking services that save you money and increase the efficiency of your supply chain operation. Our team of experienced drivers and our advanced fleet will move your cargo anywhere anytime within the borders of United States of America or Canada.


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